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June 17, 2015

DHR International sued by West Coast Managing Director, Adam Charlson

Update June 17, 2015: according to a lawsuit with their insurer, DHR have settled with Charlson.

Former West Coast MD, Adam Charlson, files a summons against DHR International, Geoff Hoffmann, Doug Black and Carol Hartman. 

We know from DHR's lawsuits against their insurer that they settled with Charlson. DHR only settle when they know they won't win. They have deep pockets and will happily outspend any plaintiff if they think they might win.

Please scroll as there are multiple documents to review.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It is an interesting read that indicates how Geoff Hoffmann and his lackies work. Charlson was DHR's biggest biller in 2013 and was awarded as such at the global meeting in March 2014. Less than a month later, they terminated him so as to avoid paying him the bonus due in April 2014.

    1. This site is so interesting given that DHR International are trying to acquire CT Partners. David Hoffmann is quoted in the NY Post as saying:

      “Obviously we don’t have a high opinion of Brian as an executive or as a person,” David Hoffman, chairman of DHR, told The Post. “Yeah, we think a big part of the problem is him.”

      This site shows that nobody should have a high opinion of David or Geoff Hoffmann as an executive or as persons!