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December 12, 2014

We are back! DHR International had us taken down

Our original blog was taken down by Blogspot following a request from DHR International. We hit a nerve. But we are back!

To be clear: this is an UNOFFICIAL blog. It has no connection with or endorsement from DHR International or its management: David Hoffmann (Shareholder), Stephen Hayes (Chairman), Geoff Hoffmann (CEO), Christine Greybe (President), Franke Smeekes (MD, Europe), Steven Stine (MD, Asia Pacific) or Marco Muñoz (MD, Latin America).

It only contains publicly available information and violates nobody's intellectual property. The documents are mainly court records, all of which are publicly available via the web. We want to make it easier for people to find this information.

While DHR International and the Hoffmann family may wish to suppress this, we strongly feel that their employees, potential employees and clients have a right to know the track record.

So, if this URL disappears again because DHR International puts pressure to take it down, then just do a Google search for "DHR Litigation" and you will find us at our new location.

By the way: this blog allows anonymous comments. So, if you have more information on DHR International, please post a comment and we will follow up on it.


  1. Great to see this web site is back! Keep up the good work!

  2. So good to see this blog is back. You are right! People have a right to know what DHR International does to its employees and clients.

  3. It is a bit striking to see so many lawsuits from and against former regional Managing Directors of a major executive search firm - a professional service provider who is in the "people" business - it speaks to either the lack of competency in the firm's own ability to hire leaders for itself, and/or how it treats its team members. Whether they are in the 'right' or in the 'wrong' on these numerous lawsuits, either way - it shows incompetence or mistreatment, and I would be very wary to either join the firm or to retain them as a service provider. A bit of a blight for the executive search sector.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree that antics like DHR's do not put the executive search industry in a great light. However I do think that the majority of the industry is reputable and DHR International is a notable exception.

  4. I am surprised that they have not had articles written about them by the New York Post !!

    Is Kevin Dugan New York Post a friend of the Hoffman's ?

  5. What's scary is how much money DHR has at its disposal and how they use it to attack anyone who dares challenge their way of "doing business." It reminds me of the aggressive legal tactics used by the Church of Scientology.