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March 20, 2015

David Hoffmann has REALLY left DHR International

Update March 20, 2015: confirmation that David Hoffmann has left DHR International

A search of the DHR International web site for the name "Hoffmann" as of February 27, 2015 reveals only Geoffrey Hoffmann. David Hoffmann's bio has been removed. If you click on a link to the page or the Google result, you get an error.

This happened within 24 hours of us revealing on this web site that David Hoffmann's profile was full of "embellishments". In other words, rather than updating his profile, DHR International removed David Hoffmann as Chairman.

In early February 2015, David Hoffmann was still calling himself "Chairman". A recent press release (dealing with the acquisition of CTPartners) refers to David Hoffmann as "the principal shareholder of DHR International", while older press releases referred to him as "Chairman".

Geoff Hoffmann has been the CEO since 2013. And Stephen A. Hayes is now the Chairman instead of Hoffmann Sr. According to Hayes' current bio, "Stephen Hayes serves as Executive Chairman of the firm." Until recently, Hayes was listed as "President/Vice Chairman of the firm".

It turns out David Hoffmann has actually left DHR and is no longer Chairman. He no longer has an executive role or Board role at DHR. He is just the principal shareholder. Curious there has been no press release around Stephen Hayes' appointment as Chairman.

1 comment:

  1. It wouldn't matter if David Hoffmann did or did not leave DHR International. There will ALWAYS be a Hoffmann in charge and they are all the same!