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March 18, 2015

DHR International lie when they say they are "ranked #1 in geographic coverage"

Update May 25, 2015: updated to reflect DHR's reducing the number of offices listed on their website from 51 to 49.

DHR International boldly claim they are "ranked #1 in geographic coverage with over 50 locations providing global executive search service across Asia, Europe, North America, and South America." They say it on their web site, press releases, etc.

A large number of DHR International and JobPlex "renowned" consultants and employees make the same claim, including (as at March 20, 2015): Justin HirschSean Scanlon,  James Abruzzo, Elizabeth Hayes, Carter Morgan, Brian Livingston, Neil Caughlan, Patrick Brazill, Timothy Liedtke, Evan Grossman, Khozema Mansure, Brittainy Kinsure, Melissa Basolo, Christopher Mantese, Lindsey Conboy, Katie Russell, Jake RobbinsMichelle Marie (Marcinkoski) Patidar, Susan Gottlieb, Stacy Donohue, Katie Brown, Andrew Ross, Tara Cummings, Brian Livingston, Nancy Mack, Michael Boyce, Leon Van Hook III and Kristin Jacobs.

This unofficial web site has covered in the past the fact that many of DHR's claimed 49 offices are bogus.

But let's accept for a moment that DHR International have 49 real offices. 

Are DHR International "ranked #1 in geographic coverage"?


Of the global executive search firms, here are their geographic coverage.

Amrop: 85
Korn Ferry: 76 + 8 'Alliance Partners' = 84
IRC: 75
Stanton Chase: 72

Even if you believe DHR's claim as to the number of office they have, they are #18 in geographic coverage based on number of locations. #18 is not even close to #1.

If you remove DHR International offices that are unstaffed (there are lots), then DHR International are ranked #23!

And it doesn't matter how you look it: every firm listed above have offices in more countries and more continents, especially as DHR International have no offices in Africa and Australia.

To be clear, DHR International designed and launched their new web site in 2014, and included this claim that they are "ranked #1 in geographic coverage". Many DHR International consultants claim this false statistic in their LinkedIn profiles. Presumably DHR International mislead their clients by saying this in proposals.

So, once again, DHR International and many of their consultants are misleading their prospective clients and consultants. This is another example of "Hoffmannitis". Apparently, DHR International have no shame.


  1. Talk about bullç*@p: DHR International lie, lie, lie! They will say anything to make themselves appear substantial.

    I think there are many more larger firms. What about Pedersen & Partners? We have 54 offices. See

  2. DHR International are blatant liars! I think I will report them to the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising. They lie about their geographic reach, number of offices, ranking and qualifications of the team. They lie to people about what they will pay them.

    These fact checks prove that DHR lie to clients, lie to consultants and lie to candidates.

    Do they lie about their track record of searches? Do they lie about their candidates' qualifications?

  3. Surely it is illegal to tell such bald-faced lies! But I guess it doesn't matter if you have no ethics.

  4. How can you be #23 in the world and claim to be #1? Perhaps they are innumerate as well as unethical…

    No, DHR are good at counting and keeping other people's money.

    It is funny that they are watching this blog and not changing their website!

  5. Interesting article brewing here me thinks !!

  6. Does it really matter how many offices a firm has. It's good to be in key markets but does not determine quality professional client service.

    1. We absolutely agree.

      However if you make the number of your offices a key selling point, then you should be accurate. Otherwise how can anybody believe anything you're saying?