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March 10, 2015

Fact check: Is DHR's letterhead accurate?

DHR International's letterhead lists in the footer the following regions:

Asia Pacific    |    Australia    |    Europe    |    Middle East & Africa    |    North America    |    South America

See, for example, the letterhead used in:

  1. the letter of February 10, 2015 from Geoffrey Hoffmann (CEO) to Brian Sullivan of CTPartners, as filed with the SEC; and
  2. the search contract sent by Gayle Mattson of DHR to Barton Winokur of CDI Corporation on March 20, 2014 for the $375,000 CEO search - it is Exhibit A of the lawsuit by the client, CDI Corporation, against DHR.
The natural implication is that DHR International operate in these regions.

Is this accurate?


DHR International does not (and did not on the dates of these letters) have disclosed offices in Australia or Africa. These regions are not listed on the DHR International web site.

In any document that they send to a client, DHR are again misleading their reach. If we were CDI Corporation, we would be pointing to this in court as it is false advertising.

This is another example of "Hoffmannitis".

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