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September 7, 2015

The raison d'être and philosophy of this web site

Why do we maintain this web site? Well, we believe that people have a right to know the real story behind DHR International. This includes clients, candidates, prospective employees, acquisition targets, competitors, service providers and current employees.

The DHR model has been operating since the early 2000's (although they claim earlier). We've found (and continue to find) lots of lawsuits from the early days where the victims hid their stories from the world, perhaps seeing their stoush with DHR as a personal failure; they probably felt isolated, as they weren't aware of the extent of DHR's pattern of behavior. Perhaps in retrospect these victims should have been more public so that others did not befall the same tragedy, as many subsequently have. This web site shines a light on DHR and serves as fair warning to anyone contemplating dealing with them. It may comfort the many past, current and future DHR victims so that they realize they are not alone.

Those at DHR (or about to join DHR) need to understand the impact on their personal reputation of remaining with DHR. We have received emails from people who have worked for DHR saying they were aware of some (but not all) of this and always felt a sense of discomfort of being at DHR. They have thanked us for reinforcing the correctness of their decision to leave. To those still there: we all find it difficult to deal with cognitive dissonance. It is uncomfortable to be told "the emperor has no clothes" and that your employer is unethical. The right thing to do is reflect on whether you think there is any truth or not to the information we post

If you believe even some of our posts: you need to decide whether you wish to be associated with this organization; you may also wish to think about whether you could quickly become a victim of the DHR aggression. Many of the DHR victims were good performers and DHR got greedy.

If you do not believe our posts are supported by the evidence we share: you should definitely stay with DHR as you are the right cultural fit.

We believe in:
  • Freedom of speech. The First Amendment gives everyone the right to express their views. While Blogspot gives us the ability to moderate comments, we have chosen not to do so. We allow readers to comment on our posts even anonymously. We have decided we will only delete posts if they don't meet Blogspot's requirements. So you will find some comments that are critical of us. These are our favorites as (unlike our posts) they're never supported by fact. We'd be happy for DHR to officially respond to any of our posts. We know they monitor this web site closely. We know they have tried to get Blogspot to take the site down. We know they have tried to hack into our account. Even if they are successful, rest assured we have a backup of the site and (like DHR when they get kicked out of a market e.g. Europe or Australia) will pop back up.
  • Facts. You will see that most of our information comes from publicly available sources including lawsuits, press stories and web sites. We try to avoid rumors unless we have some degree of proof. In fact we have received many emails from with non-public information on DHR - these detailed stories of married MDs at DHR sleeping with their employees. However we haven't published these.
  • Focusing on the perpetrators. Our magnifying glass is pointed at DHR International, their owners (the Hoffmann family) and their senior leaders, especially those that have been complicit in bad behavior. In bringing the situation to life, we do refer to those who have been at DHR, particularly those that have been targeted by the DHR litigation machine. We think it is important to allow people to know who they can reach out to when they are doing their due diligence on DHR. One reader posted a comment also applauding this site but wanting their name to be removed as it comes up on Google searches. Well, we are happy to do so if a person appears clean. If you are listed in the post detailing former DHR employees and don't want your name there, please email us from at unofficial.DHR(at) and request we remove your name. And, while you are at it, please share with us some stories on DHR particularly if you can support the stories with documents.
  • Protecting our sources. We allow people to comment or email under their own names or us anonymously. However we do not need to name you as a source.
  • Comprehensiveness. We love to uncover all of DHR's nefarious activities wherever they occur in the world. Mostly the stories come from here in the US, where DHR are most active. But there are stories from Asia, Latin America and Europe too. We think we have only scratched the surface. Based on the emails we receive, we expect there are many, many more stories about DHR that we cannot yet share until we get more information to support the stories. By the way, we have had some people email us from different countries thinking we are based in their country. Sorry to disappoint: one nice feature of Blogspot is that the URL automatically changes based on your location; e.g. in the UK, in Australia or in Canada.
We don't believe in:
  • having to cover the "good features" of DHR. One comment to one of our posts complained we don't talk about all the good features of DHR. We do not see this is our role and were surprised by the comment. DHR have a well oiled PR machine that shouts from the rooftops e.g. when they complete a minor assignment. The self-righteous commenter did not point a finger at DHR saying they need to tell the world about the bad things they do! As noted above, unlike DHR we do allow and welcome comments and so DHR or others can point out the good things about the company (if any). 


  1. Keep up the great work! Not sure you needed this post as the value of what you do is self-explanatory.

  2. This is an outstanding blog. A colleague at my new firm saw it and he finally understood why I hated my time at DHR and I left

  3. Are DHR management and employees talking about this blog internally? Are CTPartners people?

    1. As a DHR employee I can tell you that this website is treated like Voldemort in the Harry Potter series: He-who-must-not-be-named.

    2. Even amongst the consultants? They don't talk about it with each other?

  4. DHR are the laughing stock of the search industry. This blog provides some much needed transparency to these Chicago mobsters and shows the world who they really are.

  5. A huge thank you to the writer(s) of this blog!

    During the course of the CTPartners saga, this has been the only source of accurate information on DHR International and its MO. The mainstream business media have not bothered to investigate DHR. This blog has.

    When I first saw the blog, I thought all this information about DHR International could not be true. But the blog is well written and supports the stories with verifiable details.

    Having now seen DHR operating firsthand, I can see the incredible lack of ethics of the company. Thank you for opening my eyes to the ways of DHR and for saving me from making the worst career mistake possible.

    Please keep it up.