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July 31, 2015

The DHR International PR machine

DHR love PR and pay a number of PR firms, including Hunt Scanlon, to buy them coverage. This results in lots of news stories and TV interviews where DHR in general, and Geoff Hoffmann in particular, give commentary on any topic they can. We saw this play out when many at DHR commented on a story on "embellished resumes", although they forgot that David Hoffmann himself is the master of embellishing resumes!

A reader sent us a link to a story about DHR in FCN Business from July, 2015. It turns out DHR are in the low-level recruitment game, managing assignments with "thousands of applicants".

A story from Streaming for Business also from July, 2015 reinforces that DHR is a recruitment company dealing with applicants not a search firm finding candidates:
"hiring the services of companies like DHR International Inc. would help you in this regard since they will do the sorting of applications of these top level managers and then even do the initial rounds of interview before sending you their profiles"
One great think about the FCN story is that the investigative journalist who wrote the story finally uncovers what DHR CEO, Geoff Hoffmann, does when he is locked in his office:
"Geoff Hoffmann, whose main work is to sort out the best and the most relevant staff from the thousands of applicants who apply daily and give the client company the most suitable or a set of most relevant applicants for them."
We've known for some time that Geoff Hoffmann doesn't do searches (even though he is often on TV talking about searches). At least we now know that he sorts through thousands of resumes each day!

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