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October 8, 2015

The many empty or near-empty offices at DHR International

Update October 8, 2015: updated to show the shrinking offices in Lansing & São Paulo.

Like the Wizard of Oz, DHR International uses smoke and mirrors to pretend they are bigger than they really are. For example, in recent press releases (from July 2015) they claim to have "more than 70 wholly-owned offices spanning the globe". We have seen recent emails to clients where people as senior as DHR International's CFO make the same claim.

But three months after "acquiring certain assets" from DHR there's only 55 offices on their web site and 2 of these have no consultants. In fact, 87% of DHR's listed offices have five or fewer consultants, once you deduplicate the consultants who are based in multiple offices. An astonishing 33% of offices have just one or no consultants. A mere 7 DHR offices have more than 5 consultants: Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco and Shanghai, and this is including the consultants that have joined from CTPartners.

DHR international offices size as at October 8, 2015 according to DHR's own web site

Offices with no resident consultants (2 offices)
Mexico City (Manuel Corsino is resident in Miami)
Rio de Janeiro (both listed reside in São Paulo)

Offices with a mere one, lonely resident consultant (16 offices)
Palm Beach
São Paulo (Ana Paula Montanha actually works for the mid-level Jobplex recruitment business)

Offices with two resident consultants (9 offices)
Detroit (Birmingham)
Philadelphia (no address, meaning the consultants work from home)

Offices with three resident consultants (16 offices)
Amsterdam (the other three of the six listed are in Frankfurt or London or Paris)
Frankfurt (the other three are resident in Amsterdam or Paris)
Los Angeles
Mumbai (Dipak Gupta is resident in New Delhi)
New Delhi
Paris (Frank Smeekes is resident in Amsterdam)
Silicon Valley (all but one are resident in San Francisco and listed there as well)
Singapore (six of the nine listed are based in Hong Kong, Melbourne or New Delhi)
St. Louis

Offices with four resident consultants (2 offices)

Offices with five resident consultants (3 offices)


  1. Having one-quarter of offices with no consultants is misleading at best but arguably fraudulent when done in such a way to deceive. But it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DHR's illegal behavior. Thank you for continuing to expose them to the world.

    In the end, it is clear that DHR are not only small but are complete shysters. Why clients like Myers Industries, Inc. would engage them beggars belief.

  2. Another great post. We all know DHR are watching this blog closely and so how will DHR respond?

    1. Remove the offices?
    2. Leave the offices blank on the DHR website?
    3. Add people to the website?

    Surely, adding people is the easiest to do, but DHR can only do that if the Neumann partners have actually joined. So, why aren't they on the website four weeks later?

    DHR, if you really got 250 CTP people to join, why not prove this to the world?

  3. The offices are empty because the Neumann people have realized they should not join the horrible DHR.