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October 25, 2015

Would a competent executive search consultant join DHR International?

Update October 25, 2015: DHR have hired a new Partner in Vienna: Peter Novotny, ex theXecutives. The number of consultants (apart from those who were at CTPartners) joining DHR in 2015 and leaving in 2015 is a staggering 40%.

A competent executive search consultant operates with an appropriate degree of thoroughness. This includes doing the appropriate due diligence on candidates and clients. For example, an executive search consultant should conduct basic media searches, web searches, litigation searches and take thorough references.

This web site:
Given this, we would expect any decent search consultant would do their homework before joining DHR International. Did those who joined DHR International over the last little while do their due diligence or did they simply believe the spin made by DHR International?

We will continue to keep a running tally of those that join DHR International since the creation of this web site. Actually in case some missed this web site in its early days, we have only listed those who have joined since January 1, 2015.

We encourage potential clients of DHR International to ask those on this list what checks they did before joining DHR. Perhaps they might ask them whether they have seen this web site and the many relevant press articles on DHR...

We are less critical of those that have been at DHR before this web site was started although we do question why they would hang around given the potential impact on their personal reputations.

Consultants to join DHR International since January 1, 2015 
Excludes those who joined directly from CTPartners after July 1, 2015
* denotes has not updated LinkedIn to show joining DHR or removed DHR from profile

Andrew Ross, Principal, Minneapolis
Anna Marietta, EVP, London (through Veni Partners acquisition)
Arjun Srivastava, MD India, New Delhi (and claimed Singapore) - left within six months of joining DHR
Ben Burrell, EVP, Sydney (hidden), claimed to be in Singapore and Hong Kong - left left for Calibre One within six months of joining DHR
Conrad Lee, Partner, Miami (but lives in Tampa)
Danny Cheung, Principal, Hong Kong
*Eva Kaufman, EVP Toronto
Fernando Boldrini, EVP São Paulo - according to his LinkedIn, he left within nine months of joining DHR, although he is still listed on the DHR web site
Fernando Prestes Cesar, EVP, São Paulo - left for Pedersen & Partners within nine months of joining DHR
James DiFilippo, EVP, New York (ex CTPartners who joined before DHR's move on CTP)
*James Gathercole, EVP, Melbourne (hidden), claimed to be in Singapore and Hong Kong - left for Calibre One within six months of joining DHR
*John Purkiss, London (through Veni Partners acquisition) - left within weeks of joining DHR
*Karin Legein, Associate Partner, Dubai (an Associate Partner, a whole new title for DHR
Keith Labbett, Partner, Toronto
*Peter Novotny, Partner, Vienna
Michaela Rosbrook, EVP, London (through Veni Partners acquisition)
*(Name removed on request), Consultant, Melbourne - left within six months of joining DHR
Robert Fong, EVP, San Francisco
Stéphane Rambosson, Managing Director/Managing Partner, London (through Veni Partners acquisition) (and still simultaneously at Veni on his LinkedIn)
Thomas Drewry, Advisor, London (through Veni Partners acquisition) - has been removed from the DHR web site, but his LinkedIn still has him at DHR

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