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August 12, 2015

DHR International lie to clients

Geoff, you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Thanks to a tip-off from a reader, below is a recent presentation that DHR prepared for clients to trumpet the CTPartners "acquisition" and its "added strength".

In typical DHR fashion, this presentation is full of lies. The full presentation can be found below the fold.

But before we get to that, we should note that the document is clearly marked "Confidential". Yet we have no concerns publishing it here? Why? Because it comes straight from the public domain of the LinkedIn profile of DHR London Managing Partner, Alex Bennett. That's right: if Alex Bennett puts his employer's confidential information so readily into the public domain on the web, what assurance can a client or candidate have that he won't do the same with their confidential information? Search consultants are in a privileged position and are entrusted with substantive client and candidate confidential information and a professional search consultant would protect this. Bennett is a great fit for the unprofessional DHR.

So, here is each slide in living color and our commentary of the litany of lies.

  • It is not clear what steps DHR have taken to create "a consistent culture". Remember: this is an organization that provided no training.
  • DHR and its eat what you kill model are not known for "collaboration". There has been no integration plan, although apparently Christine Greybe is in charge. Will she be as hated by the DHR employees in Europe as she is here in the US?
  • The reference to DHR's "select client base" make it sound like DHR carefully selects its clients! If they really are "select", it is really because reputable organizations won't work with DHR.
  • DHR have a tool called LSI. Isn't this a trademark of Human Synergistics? Of course, others in the industry have executive search tools that are actually backed by real University research, rather than marketing spin.
  • "Our governance, ownership and compensation model are unique". Finally, a statement that's true! No other firm of this claimed size is 100% owned by one individual and no other firm has a governance model that consists of a father and son who lock themselves up in an office and make all decisions without a Board. Despite what DHR say, many others firm are privately held: Spencer Stuart, Russell Reynolds and Egon Zehnder, to name but three.
  • 60+ offices? Why are there only 58 offices on your web site, including at least 3 with no consultants?
  • We love that they refer to "New Geographic Service Centers" with All-Important Capitals. Why not simply call them "offices"? Because many of them are business centers or people's homes rather than offices.
  • They claim 14 new locations, but Cleveland, Warsaw and Zurich are not on their web site yet listed here.
  • In addition to these 3, there are at least 5 markers on the map where DHR don't have offices on their web site; for example, Bangkok, Bogota, Bristol, Buenos Aires and Sydney, not to mention empty offices like Indianapolis, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. DHR have added at least 11 fake markers to make themselves look bigger than they are.
  • They claim 51 new employees in London, but this is a lie: we count 31 including admin. 
  • First rule of presentations: always use a pie chart if you have nothing interesting to say.
  • Second rule of presentations: always use a second pie chart if you're making up your data.
  • For example, DHR claim to have 7 in Latin America, but their web site only shows 5 people (excluding one at JobPlex); they claim 75 in Europe, but their web site only has 65.
  • They make it sound like all of CTPartners have joined DHR, when it is less than 20%.
  • London on this slide has 70 professionals, which isn't true. Even the DHR web site has only 35 professionals, and this includes a number of people who are based in other offices, such as Frank Smeekes and Xavier Alix. 
Similarly, DHR also posted a corporate video on YouTube heralding that DHR and CTPartners have "joined" forces.

Of course, the video is full of statistics including claiming "14 new global locations". Unfortunately, the DHR web site shows only 10 new "global locations".


  1. Don't send your personal details to Alex. He will post in on the net!

  2. Wow! Why do governments, clients, competitors and the search industry allow these criminals to get away with such incredible lies? Their statements and presentations are verifiably false and yet they continue to do this.

  3. If you look at Alex's LinkedIn profile, you can see he was a "Professional Rugby Player" for over three years. He has had a few too many knocks to the head! Why else would he join DHR?

  4. Great information now available to the public. Thank you. Also, DHR claims to have a Cleveland office. Dan Carney, whom lives in Cleveland, is listed on the Philadelphia office. A researcher from CTP that joined DHR in it's Cleveland office works from home at the moment, as DHR has never had a physical office in Cleveland. It's just amazing that any Fortune 1000 company retains DHR in the US. Interestingly, the folks at Hunt Scanlon make sure that noone looking at their web site can find this incredibly informative blog!

  5. Whoever you all are, thanks for your continued focus on these criminals.

  6. DHR issue press release on promotion of Alex to Managing Partner

  7. Here's something for DHR to consider. If they promote all the ex CTP Associates and Directors (still there) to Partners - then they could plug the gap left by all the senior people leaving! If there aren't enough Associates and Directors left, how about promoting the researchers and EAs to Partners too!