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November 6, 2015

Yet more CTPartners consultants who joined DHR International have already left DHR

Update November 6, 2015: another two Partners have left DHR London and has been removed from this post. However, one of these is still listed on the DHR web site, as is a Director who left last month and has updated his LinkedIn profile to show this.

The number of CTP people joining DHR has peaked and it did so way, way below the numbers publicly claimed by DHR. True to our word, we have removed these departures from this post. If others leave soon, we will remove them too.

At the start of February, 2015, there were about 267 consultants listed on the CTPartners web site. Then DHR made its move on DHR and 21% of CTP consultants left the firm to avoid DHR. That still left 79% of consultants at CTP on June 30, 2015. All were reportedly offered jobs by DHR International but the vast majority of these decided to go elsewhere.

Four months later, how many of those 267 are now at DHR according to DHR's web site or LinkedIn? It peaked at 59 or 22%. It is now at 42 or ~16% and falling fast.

The majority of those who joined did not even add DHR to their LinkedIn profiles for some time, and many still haven't! Initially, only 18% of the 37 Partners joining DHR actually acknowledged their new employer publicly in their profiles, including some who have since left. Are those that haven't added HR ashamed to have joined? Or are they only there for a short while to finish off existing assignments before joining another firm or setting up their own? It is a clear signal that these people are not going to be at DHR International for long. Indeed readers continue to email us to say that quite a few have left and many other are trying to secure interviews wherever they can.

Contrast this to David Hoffmann, sometime Chairman of DHR International, made the bold claim in a press release, on July 13, 2015:
"The integration of our recent additions of CTPartners’ personnel from around the world has gone smoothly".
And his son, CEO Geoff Hoffmann, claimed on August 10, 2015:
"The biggest attraction for us was the European footprint, which we were able to secure largely intact".
The statistics don't lie: a rapidly declining 16% success rate is hardly a "smooth" integration or a "largely intact" acquisition when they originally claimed to have added 250 employees and (at various times) 17 offices.

And so many of those that joined refer in their LinkedIn profiles to DHR International acquiring CTPartners. This is not true. DHR bought some assets from CTP's lenders. This is not an acquisition and, again, the statistics tell the truth.

Our prediction is that DHR will be lucky if there are 20 of the claimed "250" CTPartners transfers there by the end of the year!

A note for new clients transferring from CTPartners to DHR International
We encourage any client of DHR International to ask a consultant on the list below:
  1. What checks the consultant did before joining DHR. Perhaps they might ask the consultant whether they had seen this web site and the many relevant press articles on DHR
  2. What guarantees they have as a client that the consultant will still be there at the end of the search, given DHR's market leading churn rate, particularly at the 6 month point when DHR typically fire consultants if they don't bring in enough revenue
  3. Whether they, as a client, will have to sue DHR or whether they will be sued by DHR
  4. Whether the team at DHR are being truthful or not on their resumes
  5. Whether the claims DHR and their new recruits make are accurate or not
We will continue to update this post to show those who have joined from CTPartners. It is clear that DHR did not achieve the claimed 175 in Europe or 250 employees overall. In fact, they are moving backwards!

CTPartners consultants who have joined DHR International since July 1, 2015: 
Listed by former CTP offices
* denotes have not put DHR on their LinkedIn profile

Nobody and not added to the DHR web site

Nobody and DHR already had a one-consultant office

Hong Kong
Nobody and DHR already had an office

Nobody and not added to the DHR web site

Nobody and DHR already had an office

Nobody and not added to the DHR web site

A researcher who came across left DHR for Korn Ferry within two months.
  1. Royce Hauw, a Partner (on DHR web site)
  2. Alan Yuan, a "Vice President" in his LinkedIn profile, which is not a title DHR traditionally used; on his DHR profile, he is an "Associate Partner", which is also not a title DHR uses; his LinkedIn profile lies about an "acquisition" of CTPartners by DHR
  3. Ying Xin, Principal
  1. Chris Kao, a Partner, who lies in his LinkedIn profile that DHR bought CTPartners Singapore's office (perhaps to imply he is not there willingly) despite evidence to the contrary (on DHR web site)
Nobody and not added to the DHR web site

According to DHR's web site, all 11 of its new offices come from the CTPartners Neumann business in Eastern Europe. These are the offices in Bucharest, Budapest, Cologne, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Munich, Prague, Salzburg, Sofia, Stuttgart and Vienna. For some time, not a single one of the consultants in these offices has changed their LinkedIn profile to refer to DHR International, instead of CTPartners Neumann. Some still haven't. Are they ashamed to be at DHR?

  1. Alin Popescu, Partner, but his LinkedIn profile says that he has been with DHR since 2013, excising CTPartners along the way (on DHR web site)
  1. *Katalin Bereczky, Managing Partner (but only on DHR web site)
  2. *Krisztina Kövesdi, Partner (but only on DHR web site)
  3. *Magdolna Link, Principal (but only on DHR web site)
  1. Reinhard Kolvenbach, Managing Partner, but only since October 2015 (on DHR web site)
  2. *Jutta Menzenbach, Partner (but only on DHR web site)
  1. Philipp Sturm, Partner (on DHR web site)
Nobody and no office added

  1. Andreas Venzke, Partner (on DHR web site)
  2. *Barbara Bodenhaus, Principal (but only on DHR web site)
  1. Patrick Haberland, Partner, but only since October 2015 (on DHR web site)
  2. *Kirsten Werner-Schaefer, Partner (but only on DHR web site)
This is the only office where DHR initially gained some traction. However there were at least 30 people from CTPartners London who never joined DHR, including 19 big billers still listed on the CTPartners web site. Bizarrely, this office initially had four Managing Partners (Alex Bennett and three who left) and two Managing Directors (Simon Mansfield and Sue Rossiter), and so it is not clear who is in charge. Oh, how very DHR, where everyone gets an impressive but meaningless title.

However, at least 20 people who were listed on the DHR web site or LinkedIn as having joined DHR actually left, including three Managing Partners and eight Partners, some of whom who have joined firms such as Korn Ferry, Odgers Berndtson, Wilton & Bain, Demeter and Boyden; five Directors who have joined firms such as Caldwell Partners, Heidricks and Demeter; a Principal plus two Associates who joined Coulter Partners and JCA Group; and an IT Consultant.

In addition, we understand that DHR have moved from their London offices, but the old address is still on the web site. In an affidavit of Priya Patel (Manager of Global Human Resources) given in proceedings in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, she includes an email from Managing Partner, Stéphane Rambosson, to President, Christine Greybe, that refers to DHR's "not [being] even allowed to take over the Victoria office" as "the 'catastrophe' exit'. In this email, Rambosson also reveals that one CTPartners transferring Partner left DHR because she believes (among other things) "that the UK government employment agency were considering suing DHR at an industrial tribunal for not having paid redundancy costs to CT Partners who were offered to join DHR (and that this could ultimately impact DHR's ability to trade in the UK)".
  1. Alex Bennett, Managing Partner (DHR web site)
  2. *Laura Esam, Partner (but only on DHR web site)
  3. Anthony Boutall, Director (will joining DHR hinder his political ambitions with the Conservative Party on Bedford Borough Council?) (on DHR web site)
  4. Mark Chamberlen, Principal (on DHR web site)
  5. Ciara Finegan-Taylor, Principal (on DHR web site; for a while, her LinkedIn said she has been at DHR since July 2014 i.e. she removed CTP from her history but has now reinstated it)
  6. Elaine MacDermot, Director (on DHR web site)
  7. Lauretta Desmedt Rudman, Director (on DHR web site)
  8. Fleur Sandler, Director (on DHR web site)
Nobody and no office added

  1. Rudolf Müller, Managing Partner (on DHR web site; no LinkedIn profile)
  2. Tobias Rummeleit, Director but only since October 2015 (on DHR web site)
Nobody but DHR already had an office there

Two Partners joined but now the office has disappeared from the DHR web site: both Partners left within two or so months, one of whom joined Pedersen & Partners

  1. Anja Reifeneder-Köstlinger, Partner (on DHR web site)
  1. Evgeny Vassilev, Partner and claims to have been with DHR since 2011, excising CTPartners from his background (on DHR web site)
  1. *Hartmut Mueller, Partner (but only on DHR web site)
  1. *Hans Jorda, Managing Partner (but only on DHR web site)
  2. Peter Malanik, Managing Partner (on DHR web site) - his LinkedIn profile says he is at "DRH" why are there two Managing Partners in a three Partner office?
  3. *Johanna Fitz, Partner (but only on DHR web site)
  4. Cristine Amess, Director and claims to have been at DHR since 2014, excising CTPartners from her history (on DHR web site)
  5. Stefan Reichelt, Director and claims to have been at DHR since 2014, excising CTPartners from his history (on DHR web site)
  6. *Ulrike Ischler, Principal (her LinkedIn says she is at a firm called Mediatum not CTPartners or DHR)
Nobody and no office added

The CTPartners Latin America offices did not join DHR International. Instead, they formed an alliance with Caldwell Partners: see this press release. As pointed out by a reader of our web site, the press release was unusual in that it reveals the commercial terms including a poison pill. If DHR acquire Caldwell in the next two years, then the Latin American partners "have the right to terminate the alliance agreement and will be entitled to a dislocation and rebranding fee of $2.0 million".

This was a brilliant move by both the CTPartners Latin America partners and Caldwell as it effectively adds $2 million to the purchase price of Caldwell and - even if DHR buy Caldwell - they will have to pay this but won't get the Latin America offices! Caldwell have also put in a similar poison pill provision to other CTPartners' consultants joining the firm. As one reader emailed us, "With no debt, and therefore no back door for DHR, DHR will find it very expensive taking over [Caldwell Partners]".

As a result, the number of DHR offices in Latin America has actually just shrunk from five to three, losing Bogotá and Buenos Aires. These were two fake DHR offices that had no consultants, as still does Rio de Janeiro.
DHR web site: March 2015
DHR web site: July 2015

Nobody and DHR finally deleted their own empty office there

Nobody and not added to the DHR web site

Nobody and not added to the DHR web site

Nobody and not added to the DHR web site

Mexico City
Nobody but DHR already had its own empty office there

Panama City
Nobody and not added to the DHR web site

Nobody but DHR already had a two-consultant office there

São Paulo
Nobody but DHR already had an office there

Nobody but DHR already had an office there

  1. David Merwin, Partner (on DHR web site)
  1. Carlos Cata, joins immediately as Managing Partner of Chicago (while Marcey Rubin Stamas is still also Managing Partner of Chicago - confusing!) (DHR web site)
  2. Lauren True, Director (on DHR web site)
There are no EVPs in the office and it is so empty that the office is no longer listed on the list of offices on the DHR web site - there was a page for a while, but it didn't even have an address or phone number, suggesting these two work from home!
  1. Tony Charles, a Director; his LinkedIn profile also has him as the "Owner" of a company with the imaginative name of "company" (on DHR web site)
Nobody but DHR already had an office there

Nobody but DHR already had an office there

New York
  1. *Martin Nass (aka Marty Nass) joins immediately as Managing Partner of New York (while Frank Spencer is still Managing Director  on New York - confusing!) and global leader of the Real Estate Practice; Marty has three different LinkedIn profiles; will he update all three of them or add a fourth? (but only on DHR web site)
San Francisco
  1. Vince Saunders, a Principal, who for a while conveniently dropped CTPartners from his LinkedIn profile; the adding or dropping roles from your profile is standard practise at DHR - David Hoffmann is the benchmark for inaccurate profiles, even though a reputable search firm shouldn't tolerate this behavior from a candidate let alone a consultant (on DHR web site)
Silicon Valley
Nobody but DHR already had an office there

Washington DC
  1. Peter T. Metzger, who joins directly as a "Vice Chairman". This is typical DHR: giving everybody a fancy, meaningless title. On Pete's LinkedIn profile, he makes the laughable claim, "DHR International and CTPartners joined forces to form one of the most advanced and well-represented search firms in the world." We didn't realise that CTPartners "joined forces" with DHR - we thought there was a fire sale of certain assets. So, with this lie, Pete Metzger will fit in very well with DHR. We are not sure what "well-rerpresented" means but we assume Peter Metzger knows and admits that DHR are "well-represented" by attorneys. And his DHR profile also makes an interesting claim: "Pete has the distinction of being the only consultant in the search industry to have a current U.S. Government Top Secret (SSBI) clearance". It took us 30 seconds to do a web search and find other executive search consultants who have the same clearance. So, another DHR-style lie! It's Hoffmanitis
  2. Austin P. Krissoff, Director but still claims to be at CTPartners simultaneously (on DHR web site)
Why did these consultants join DHR International?
A competent executive search consultant operates with an appropriate degree of thoroughness. This includes doing the appropriate due diligence on candidates and clients. For example, an executive search consultant should conduct basic media searches, web searches, litigation searches and take thorough references.

This web site:
HuffPost referred to our web site and the role it played in creating transparency amongst the CTPartners team.
"People either impacted by the CTPartners takeover, or learning from it, had access to a site dedicated to assembling publicly available information on DHR. Here, transparency played a part in shining the spotlight on what was going on behind the scenes, including issues that were not being discussed in the mainstream media."
Given this, we would expect any decent search consultant would have done their homework before transferring from CTPartners to DHR International. Did those who joined DHR International from CTPartners do their due diligence?


  1. What a great wall of shame. Which clients would be stupid enough to engage this firm or these individuals?

  2. There can't really be 250 people stupid enough to join DHR, can there?

    Imagine your resume having CTPartners AND DHR International on it. Being in two scandal infested organizations back to back would make you unemployable.

  3. So the DHR contract that I was offered had no non compete but a 2 year non solicit of clients ! Def not joining

    1. Yes. The arrogance of DHR that makes them think that CTPartners consultants will be so desperate that they will do a deal with the devil. The incompetent ones will! There's a sucker born every minute.

  4. A huge thank you to the writer(s) of this blog!

    During the course of the CTPartners saga, this has been the only source of accurate information on DHR International and its MO. The mainstream business media have not bothered to investigate DHR. This blog has.

    When I first saw the blog, I thought all this information about DHR International could not be true. But the blog is well written and supports the stories with verifiable details.

    Having now seen DHR operating firsthand, I can see the incredible lack of ethics of the company. Thank you for opening my eyes to the ways of DHR and for saving me from making the worst career mistake possible.

    Please keep it up.

  5. My guess is that there will be 15 consultants who join.

  6. I received an offer from DHR. When I review the detail, it is not so attractive. First year is OK but then it reverts to normal DHR deal. Slow payment terms etc.

    Even ruder: there's a time limit to accept it of one day.

    There's no way I am going to accept it, particularly as I know people who have been lied to by DHR in the past.

    What are others seeing?

    1. 2 year non solicit of clients !! We buy you for free then steal your receivables and clients no brainer right ?!

    2. Even if they offered me the world's best deal, I would not join DHR International. It would not be worth the legal bills getting them to pay what they promised.

  7. I am devastated by what's happening at CT. Should I accept DHR's offer just to ensure I get some money for some ongoing searches while I secure roles with a decent firm for my team and me?

    1. For real? Have you not read this blog???

      DHR International's modus operandi is to sue defectors. They will come after you and take you for every dime you have. There are plenty of examples. They will prevent you from talking to any client of yours or theirs. They will stop you hiring anybody that's worked for them. They will freeze you out of the market.

  8. don't sign that DHR document before your read and internalize everything you are committing to

  9. DHR did not kill CTPartners. The CTPartners Management and Board did.

    But there's no doubt that DHR played a significant role in the CTPartners downfall in a calculated, unscrupulous and probably illegal way. DHR had no intention of buying CTPartners.

    I most feel sorry for the many decent CTPartners admin employees who will find themselves unemployed.

    I also feel sorry for the CTPartners consultants who end up unemployed.

    I do not feel sorry for any CTPartners who elect to join DHR International. These individuals deserve the misfortune that is coming their way.

  10. I am at CTPartners and will not join DHR International.

    However a colleague of mine is thinking of joining DHR. When I mentioned this blog to him, he said he had seen it but didn't really want to read it. He assumed that anything on the internet is "trash".

    I don't understand that. What is it about human behavior that makes him avoid even considering relevant information that may assist him in his decision making? I hope he sees this post because that will mean he is at least thinking things through.

    1. "Leon Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. An individual who experiences inconsistency (dissonance) tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and is motivated to try to reduce this dissonance—as well as actively avoid situations and information likely to increase it".


      In other words, your colleague has made up his mind and doesn't want to look for information that may change his mind. It doesn't suggest he is a good search consultant - he probably selects a candidate early on and then tries only to find information that supports that candidate. If he is that poor he will fit in well at DHR.

  11. From: William J. Keneally
    Sent: 29 June 2015 23:34
    To: All CTP Firm Members
    Subject: Announcement

    Further to the below announcement from last week, June 30 will be the last day of employment with CTP for most CTP employees.

    For current CTP employees joining DHR - other than Neumann

    Please prepare and sign a letter of (1) resignation from CTP and (2) permission to transfer your electronic files, including email, to DHR. In each office, please designate one individual to gather all of these letters and FEDEX them to me in CLE.

    All CTP employees joining DHR who provide this letter may then retain the CTP computer issued to them – but note that the computer becomes the property of DHR.

    For employees joining DHR in London, Sydney and Auckland your office location remains the same. For employees joining DHR in other locations, please leave all your keys, access cards, etc. in your current CTP office and contact DHR for your new office location.

    For Neumann, Latin America and the few retained CLE corporate CTP employees

    Please continue to operate as usual under instructions from Norbert, Peter and Hans for Neumann, Nestor and Sonia for Latin America and myself for CLE corporate.

    For CTP employees not noted above

    Please leave all your keys, access cards, computers, other equipment, etc. in your current CTP office

    Thank you

    1. Even if you were to join DHR, why would you resign from CTPartners? Why would you sign over all my rights without any payment?

      Why do those joining DHR sign permission to transfer files. DHR get the files from those "not noted above" (i.e. those not joining DHR) despite having no permission from the individuals. Why is permission needed from some but not others?

  12. So happy to see Bill Keneally receives 6 months of paid salary in the even of a termination

    There is no better man

    Thank you Bill for your contribution if destroying this firm!

    this is from the filings in 2013

    "In case of a termination without cause, for good reason, death or disability, Mr. Keneally will be eligible to receive three months of base pay in 2013 if such termination occurs prior to April 17, 2014, and six months of base pay if such termination occurs on or after April 17, 2014."

    1. I would like to know if Bill received his 6 months payout even if the company goes bankrupt. He will probably make sure he gets his payment first before even the creditors or other employees. This man is not to be trusted at all.

  13. Getting tense:

    Hi David and Bill,

    On behalf of Shanghai employees, I'd like to let you know, according to Chinese Labor Law, you have to pay us until we receive official terminate notification respectively. Without notification, we're not allowed to be hired by any employer, even DHR. It's illegal. Also, CTP is responsible for additional compensation for employees. If no action from your side, let's see in court.

    1. Do not hold your breath. CTPartners are bankrupt and so there's no money and there will be no termination notification beyond the emails you already have. DHR won't pay you what is owed by CTP.

      Who are you going to sue? David and Bill are in the US and aren't going to turn up to a Chinese court.

      It is sad for you but you are victims of the CTP Board and Management and DHR owners.

  14. "17 offices and 250 employees worldwide": won't happen. Some of the offices listed in this post are not joining DHR.

  15. I am saying "NO" to DHR. Who's with me?

    1. I am with you. New York.

    2. I am with you. Sydney.

    3. I am with you. Hong Kong.

  16. already said NO days ago!

    No way they are adding 250 people and $75M in revenue. Funny how they said it was "estimated" in the press release.

    1. I agree. There aren't that number of people at CTPartners who are both stupid and desperate.

      Have you noticed that the media have begun reporting the 250 people/$75m revenue/17 office as a done deal. For example, "It was just three days ago that Chicago-based DHR, the sixth largest U.S. search firm, struck a deal to acquire 17 offices and 250 employees of embattled rival CTPartners". That's from

      Oh, that's from Hunt Scanlon, not a reputable news outlet.

      But see also or

    2. Since DHR is private they will never really have to disclose what or who they "acquired." Their press releases are totally BS designed to make themselves seem bigger and more influential that they are. I actually feel bad for their employees and customers.

    3. Rest assured: we will update this article to show the people who have joined DHR from CTPartners. We do not expect to be adding 250 names next to James DiFilippo's.

    4. But it is almost a week since CTPartners closed its doors and there are no names! Could that mean nobody has joined DHR from CT?

      The final number will be somewhere between 0 and Geoff Hoffmann's claimed "250". I think it will be closer to zero.

  17. David Hoffman stated in the article below they added 175 people in Europe. Not sure how factual this is.

  18. I am exCTP and I keep in touch with a lot of people. I don't know of a single person that has said yes to their offer. I am sure there are a few, but not many.

    1. But Geoff Hoffmann told the world that his daddy bought him 250 new friends to play with. Surely, Geoff wouldn't lie?

      And David Hoffmann told the world that he has signed up 175 new drones just in Europe. Surely, David wouldn't lie?

  19. My company was acquired by DHR several years ago. How I wish all this information had been in the public domain then. You have heard most of this before - but take my advice and stay well clear. Consultants trampling through off limits agreements with impunity, a remuneration structure which seems generous but in which you effectively run your own desk as a self employed consultant with every cost deducted from your top line- even travel expenses; "the Draw" a scheme by which the salary payments of any below target consultant can be "suspended", and as previously mentioned a litigious and vindictive approach to any consultant to challenge the way they operate.

    1. That's a common comment and the rationale behind this web site. DHR has been doing this for some time and we all have a duty to the industry and clients to bring this information out.

      If there is any more information or documents that you would like to share, please email us.

  20. Marty Nass who runs real estate in New York I gather he is going across and Vince Saunders who does Real Estate in San Francisco who was at CTPartners for 6-8 months.. seems he has deleted his CTPartners experience from his bio so will fit right in at DHR.....

    Deborah Whitehouse in London looks like she has gone across CTPartners/DHR

    1. Thanks for the tips. We will wait for public confirmation before adding Marty to what another reader called the "Wall of Shame".


    ha ha

    Good old Kate Quinn!

  22. Surprised that anyone would join from CTPartners.... will be interesting to see the final number for sure. Thank you for this site. I personally was a CTPartners employee who received an offer but decided not to join. I decided to go it alone and have had a great response. My concern really was the clients perception of joining DHR. Thank you to this site.

  23. The CTPartners employees who elected to join DHR in most cases did so only out of immediate necessity. In one case, the Partner was out on maternity leave at the time so had to accept an offer to continue medical benefits. Others had similar situations.

    I have spoken with many of my former colleagues, and in ALL cases, they will be leaving DHR as soon as possible.

    These people's primary mistakes were trusting CTPartners management too much and believing the lies that management and the Board were feeding them. They also put too much faith in their countries labor laws to protect them. Hopefully this won't be held too much against them.

    CTPartners management and Board should not only be ashamed of themselves for being complicit in DHR's destruction of a once great company, they should be held legally accountable for criminal incompetence and abdication of fiduciary responsibility.

  24. GH has no business or search experience. DH counts his cash balances every day with his boy DB - CFO. CG is a piece of work. Anyone ask how they calculate revenue? It is calculated on the estimated contract value - not invoices issued - they call it the Booked Amount. This is misleading and in fact a good number of searches are never completed so the number is not accurate. Less than 50% of consultants even reach $500K in bookings! Do the math and factor in invoiced amount. The global revenues are nowhere near what they publish. Karma will kick these guys in the ass at some point - hopefully before they screw to many more people.

  25. I hear a number of the london partners who joined want to leave already. Be interesting to see how many still till year end ...

  26. CTPartners was a leading global search firm with 44 offices in 24 countries which had a workforce of more than 600 professionals and employees across the world. DHR International killed the company and bought the logo - hmmm - did they actually buy the logo? It's as simple as that. I too, have heard of London people who only signed up with DHR to give themselves time to find a new job. What a sad state of affairs.

  27. In DHR's defense...the integration may have indeed gone smoothly as so little needed to be done. :)

    A handful of employees, a bunch of empty offices. What could possibly be complex. Half the CTP ppl that joined are actively looking for a new company to join anyway. I think they just wanted to have some continued employment and benefits.

  28. Your information is good, as always. The number of CTPartners consultants to join DHR has peaked and is heading southwards.

  29. I just don't understand. Why would anybody join DHR when it is so clear how unethical they are? What am I missing?

    I get some people might need the money, but they are destroying their own reputation. I wouldn't hire them if they spent any time at DHR since all of this information has come out.

  30. Your updates have been great! Tony Charles, mentioned earlier, was a Director (far below a VP level) in the Cleveland office. He had no actual "ownership" in CTP. The individuals that are with DHR that joined from CTP in Cleveland, or Dan Carney whom had been with CTP in Cleveland years ago, work out of their home in Cleveland, or another office. DHR doesn't have an actual Cleveland office.

    1. I wonder how people in Cleveland serve clients 450 miles away in Philly. Fortunately, DHR deleted their Cleveland office from the website.

      However, the Philadelphia office has no address, which means there actually is no office. Indianapolis is even worse: there's no office and no people, but it is still listed on the DHR website to make them look bigger than they really are. The 'D' in DHR must stand for 'deceitful'.

  31. I would be curious how many back office CTP CLE people are still on short-term contract to wind down the remaining CTP business / financials.

  32. Yes, you are right: almost none of the European CTP Partners has admitted to joining DHR in their LinkedIn profiles. It is a great signal about their likely longevity with DHR.

  33. The editor of this post should just try and call Jeff Christian in Cleveland. Jeff has been making quite a few posts on LinkedIn about his efforts to "win" back what is left of CTP. Or call his half brother Adam Kohn, now a "Partner" at Kinsley Gate Partners.

  34. Several of the Partners pictured have have already left and/or are about to shortly.

    1. Please email us at unofficial.dhr(at) with any specifics. We love breaking news.

    2. Your information about the London office is not up to date. Tim Kemp, Dona Roche Tarry, Louisa Perry, Andrew Crawford and Lily Luxmore have all resigned.

    3. Thanks for the tip. We will continue to update our post as we have confirmation of people leaving e.g. their changing their LinkedIn profile.

  35. David Merwin whom had been a Partner in CTP's Boston office joined DHR in Boston, but he chose to not update his LI profile which still shows him at CTP.

  36. Paul Stefunek had been with CTP earlier in his career, then was a founding partner at Paul-Lawrence Associates. He joined DHR in mid-2014. He works out of his house in Cleveland, just like Dan Carney (whom lists himself in the Philadelphia office, which does not have a physical address). Paul shows himself in Cleveland, NY, and San Fran.

    This is a sleezy firm, and it is amazing that any company, especially a publicly traded company with boards that "should" know better, give high level projects to DHR.


    DHR International
    July 2014 – Present (1 year 2 months)New York, San Francisco, Cleveland

    DHR International is a top 5 global retained executive search firm, Paul is one of the leaders in the firms advanced technology, private equity & venture capital and media & entertainment practices with a focus on digital leaders.

  37. It is so telling that so many of these people have not updated their LinkedIn profiles to include DHR.

  38. It's also interesting that the folks at Hunt-Scanlon have stopped any of the daily search updates that they had been previously sending out. The last one was over 2 weeks ago. Perhaps the connection between Hunt-Scanlon and DHR, and similar lack of operating with ethics and transparency, is finally emerging. The author of this site has been just a great source of information, along with all the folks that have chimed in with information.

  39. Great work. Love that you are able to know who is leaving before DHR do. And there's many, many more to depart. I bet you that:

    1. DHR won't change the big claims on the front of their website that they've acquired so many offices and people.
    2. Hunt Scanlon won't write a thing about the people who moved from CTP to DHR to other places.

  40. DHR's numbers have well and truly hit their high tide. But this tide won't come back up.

  41. I am missing Gerlinde Berger of the Vienna office. She "joined" DHR via Neumann/CT Partners and is missing on DHR website now....

  42. What's also interesting of late is how quiet the folks at Hunt Scanlon have been period. I don't believe they have published any of their daily search wire updates in at least several weeks, tying very nicely into this blog making clear the relationship between Hunt Scanlon and DHR. Excellent reporting work!
    Also, as a former CTP consultant, the small group of individuals at CTP that practiced their craft with ethics, integrity, and true value add, were pretty much all able to transition to one of the other major search firms (Egon Zender, SStuart, Russell Reynolds). Some consultants moved to Heidrick and KFI, and some chose to go to a boutique, or weren't billing enough to go to the major search firms. Those that billed big numbers, but had poor track records on the collection side, or those that had a reputation for beating up associates, like an Adam Kohn for example, ultimately ended up at no name search firms like Kinsely Gate Partners.

  43. How on earth are DHR International still in business?

    This is not a rhetorical question.

  44. Should we be surprised that Hunt-Scanlon have not written an article about a single one of the former CTPartners' Partners who have left DHR International? Ha ha!

  45. There's plenty more that are listed here that are about to leave. At least all of the good ones will. The poor search consultants will stay at DHR where they will fit in very well.

  46. Unfortunately your post is not up-to-date. Many more ex CTP consultants have left DHR particularly in London. However DHR won't remove these departures from the website as they are out there trying to hire more consultants to replace the empty spots in the office. DHR don't want to appear to be shrinking as fast as they are.

  47. Elaine McDermott just updated her LinkedIn with DHR (CTPartners)

  48. Great blog Yes, you are right: almost none of the European CTP Partners has admitted to joining DHR in their LinkedIn profiles. It is a great signal about their likely longevity with DHR.Thanks for sharing........

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