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September 29, 2015

DHR International's shady strike-offs in the United Kingdom

Part of DHR International's modus operandi is creating and disbanding corporate entities. So, if a former client or employee sues the company DHR International will quickly move their business in a particular market to another entity. This makes it hard for the former client or employee to enforce a judgment. This approach has worked for DHR in lots of countries outside the US, particularly in Europe.

A reader alerted us to a number of filings related to DHR International/Hoffmann in the UK. What is interesting is the number of these entities that have been subject to a strike-off actions by the UK SEC equivalent.

As our source suggested, "I have never seen so many compulsory strike-offs. [It] makes me wonder why these companies have been dissolved, why Companies House wanted to strike them off and what [DHR] are they trading through now."

  1. DHR International UK Limited; incorporated in 2006; secretary Geoff Hoffmann; dissolved in 2010 due to compulsory strike-off; subject to compulsory strike-off action in 2009
  2. Hoffmann Acquisition Limited; incorporated in 2011; director David Hoffmann; dissolved in 2015 due to compulsory strike-off; subject to compulsory strike-off action in 2013
  3. DHR Global Limited; incorporated in 2010; director David Hoffmann; subject to compulsory strike-off actions in 2013, 2014 and 2015
  4. Jobplex UK Limited; incorporated in 2007; directors David Hoffmann, Geoff Hoffmann; dissolved in 2009 due to compulsory strike-off
  5. Barrett Webb Limited (acquired by DHR); incorporated in 1989; directors David Hoffmann, Sue Rossiter, Nicholas Rossiter; dissolved in 2014 due to compulsory strike-off; subject to compulsory strike-off action in 2013
Please click on the company name above to see its tawdry history. The only entity that still seems to be in existence is DHR Global Limited. We would hate to be an employee or client of that entity, given it has had three compulsory strike-off actions in its short life.

Top of the hat to the reader who sent this information to us.

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  1. Not to mention the class action against DHR in the UK.