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September 19, 2015

Staggering churn at Jobplex

There's a firm out there with even more churn than DHR International! It's DHR subsidiary Jobplex.

We would encourage any potential recruits considering joining Jobplex to use the list below to find people they might know, call them, and take references on Jobplex. This is what competent recruiters do in their day to day - why don't you do it when it comes to your own career?

Some notes on the list:
  • We do not claim this is a complete list. Please lets us know if you know people we've missed or we have misspelled names.
  • We have tried to exclude people still at Jobplex. Please let us know if you are still there and we will remove you from the list.
  • An amazing number of people that were listed on Jobplex web site or in press releases have expunged Jobplex from their LinkedIn profile. We guess they regard it as embarrassing to have worked for Jobplex.
  • We will remove innocent people from this list if they request us to do so, and mark them as "(Name removed on request)" to ensure that the scale of departures is shown. Please see this post for more information.
Recruiters who have left Jobplex in recent years
Adam Shandler
Adam Wilson
Allen Jones
Ali Fischer
Allicia Hahn
Allison Halpern
Allison Sinert
Allison Springer
Anastasia Sodomka
Andy Hyman
Andy Sandler
Annemarie Curry
Annemarie Penny
Anthony Haley (President, Europe)
Barbara Mattson
Beth Gordon
Bethany (Jindra) Herrera
Bill Chaney
Bill Mattox
Bill Wohlfeil
Bob Aylsworth (CEO)
Bridget Papanicholas
Brooke Govert
Brooke Wilke
Carol Altshuler
Carolyn Caruso
Chad Kindel
Chad Pinkston
(Name removed on request)
Chelsea Lewellyn
Chet Marino
Chris Gustanski
Chris LaCamera
Chris Sonnet
Christine Sonnek
Christopher LaCamera
Cindy Breth
Clement Wigger
Clint Browning
Clint Merriman
Curt Hedeen
Cynthia Fitzmayer
Danielle Glynn-Kavanagh
Darryl Miller
Dave Fedorcsak
Dave McKeon
David Snyder
Deborah Rocha
Derina Adamczak
Don Earle
Don Richards
Edward Weeks
Eliza Stoker
Elizabeth (Liz) Wilson
Eric Edwards
Eric Kingue
Erin Doyle
Florence Haber
Freddy Kalles
Gary Lavan
Gary Leverette
Gina (Rowlee) Secrets
Gregg Aprahamian (MD)
Greg Cavill
Hank Sanger
Hindi Forton
Ina Miller
Iva Colulon
J. L. Baker
Jami Votruba
Jamie Baisley
Jamie Cassedy
Jason Rios
Jeanne Rossetti
Jeff Gittel
Jeff Marolt
Jeffrey Struve
Joe Strain
John Durkey
John Perry
John Watters
Jon Gordon
Josie Johnson
Juan Taquechel (MD)
Justin Power
Justin Thomas
Karen Anlauf
Karen Pinkman
Kate Fishburne
Katie Beeler
Katie Brown
Katie Kahn
Kelly Kress
Ken Feldman
Ken Miller
Kevin Clegg
Kevin Hahn
Kevin Kucera
Kevin Vick
Kimberly Bynum
Kirsten Knutson
Krystal Samuels
Larry Cabaldon
Laura Sheets
Lawrence Vasell
Lee Shap
Leslie Button
Lou Canellis
Luke Wyckoff
Lindsay Walter
Mark Moore
Martin Byrne
Mary Kozlova
Matt Wilke
Maureen Westerman
Michael Boyce
Michael Friar
Michael Howard
Michael Schiler
Michael Sterling
Michael Sweeney
Michelle Pietchel Ricker
Mike Galiasatos
Mike Paddock
Nick Rogish
Paige Hopkins
Parker Hardwick
Peggy Marchant
Peter Keseric
Peters Antons
Raymond Thurber (MD)
Rich Klein
Rob McLeod
Rob Miller
Rob Sibbrel
Robert Daugherty
Robert Elam (MD)
Robert Gutierrez
Robert Miller
Robert Zuzack
Ron LaGrow
Ron Senchesak
Ryan Morelli
Ryan Stecewicz
Sarah Roth
Scott Bates
Scott Coleman (MD)
Scott Eckley (MD)
Scott Faurot
Sean Lyons
Shalonda Young
Shawn Feite
Stephen Bernhardt
Stephen Scheier
Steve Aylswoth
Steve Goering
Steven Oberhofer
Steven Saperstein
Steven Ziegler
Susan Wilson
Tanner Bailey
Tara McKernan
Tel Newhart
Teresa Saucedo
Terry Shade
Thomas Hunkins
TJ Carlson
Todd Myers
Tonay Tucker
Trent Jackson
Troy Turner
Ty Miller (MD, San Francisco)
Vivian Harper
Will Caggiano
Zeena Gregg

Recruiters still at JobPlex
Ana Paula Montanha (also claims to be at DHR International)
Benjamin Godfrey
Brian Livingston
Brian Schakel
Charles Albert
Christopher P. Oldham
Charles "Chuck" McClellan
David Braun
Don Zinn
Jane Loop Pomar
Jay Velinder
John Hussey
John Martin
Justin Hirsch (also claims to be at DHR International)
Martin Coover
Martita Mestéy
Natalie Brooks
Paul Gaeke
Rich Fisher
Russ Riendeau
Steve Elias
Susan Gottlieb
Terry Boles
Tina Winner
Tom Goodrich

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  1. Great detective work. What a HUGE list of people coming and going.