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October 25, 2015

How successful was the DHR International "acquisition" of CTPartners?

Update October 25, 2015: updated to reflect further departures in London

116 days after DHR's "acquisition" of CTPartners, how successful has it been?

Well, according to David Hoffmann, sometime Chairman of DHR:
"The integration of our recent additions of CTPartners’ personnel from around the world has gone smoothly".
We beg to differ.

The following infographic shows DHR's track record as at October 25, 2015. 116 days into the "acquisition" and only ~16% of CTPartners consultants are still at DHR International. This is hardly an "addition" having "gone smoothly".


  1. Great infographic. There's not much red. And - at least in London - most of the red is about to turn orange as almost all of the team have gone. Alex Bennett will be the only Partner left.

  2. Yes - one man left standing....