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October 6, 2015

The hypocrisy of DHR International

DHR International have started a blog. We are grateful, as it gives us more material.

The latest post is by Scott Sette of the Houston office. His post covers "How leaders build trust". We've extracted some of the headlines and ask you to consider how Geoff Hoffmann measures up as a leader against Scott's benchmark.

"The most important measure of success for new leaders is building trust and credibility with internal and external key stakeholders."

"Here are 7 proven ways for leaders to build trust:

  1. "Get to know the organization and its people before making changes"
  2. "Transparent communication – Nothing destroys trust like a lack of communication." DHR are the least transparent organization out there. The Hoffmanns cite that it is a private company. When people leave and offices close (e.g. Prague recently), there are no announcements.
  3. "Treat people right – Everyone likes to be treated with dignity and respect." DHR have a track record of firing people in order to avoid paying commissions. The proof is the number of lawsuits documented on this web site.
  4. "Provide development opportunities." If you have a look at Glassdoor, you will see the number of former DHR employees complaining there are no development opportunities at DHR.
  5. "Be visible and approachable – A surefire way to build trust as a leader is to be visible and approachable." Geoff Hoffmann hides from staff and gets others to do his dirty work.
  6. "Foster an inclusive culture – A basic desire of practically every person in this world is to feel important." DHR is very hierarchical, and family and friends hold the critical roles.
  7. "Walk the talk – At the end of the day, no leader will gain the trust of his people if he doesn’t set a proper example." The Hoffmanns are good at setting an example. By the way, we note that Sette thinks that leaders have to be men! DHR don't care much for diversity.

1 comment:

  1. My response to the DHR International blog and their post on "how leaders build trust" based on the actions and track-record of DHR International and their management team in relation to CTPartners 1.Make sure you have a vendetta against the CEO of the company you plan to acquire. 2. Tell all staff of that company that it's all going to be fine and that you will invest in external integration experts to support the transition - then do the opposite. 3. Keep people in an extended period of stress as you call some to offer them roles and just ignore the ones you don't want. 4. Promote people to high-flying titles in an effort to keep them and because most of the senior ones have left 5.Control external media (Hunt Scanlon) so that they present whatever version of "the facts" best suit your agenda at that point in time. 6.Sign our contract and you will join a culture of spin and deceit. 7. Walk our talk - or walk out the door - and that's exactly what the majority of CTPartners people did in the summer of 2015.